Samsung Galaxy S series Review

Samsung Galaxy S series Review

The Samsung Galaxy S series consists of high-end smartphones. The Ultra version is the absolute high-end device. Samsung S Ultra smartphones often have the most advanced cameras.


S series: glass back, thin bezels
Samsung gives the high-end smartphones from the Galaxy S series a luxurious look. The back of a Samsung S smartphone is made of glass. The screen almost has no bezels, so it continues to the sides of the smartphone.


Smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S series are suitable for the most demanding apps and tasks. Thanks to the powerful processor in an Samsung S smartphone, demanding apps like Photoshop or 3D games are no problem. In addition, you can quickly switch between apps, thanks to the large RAM.


S series: razor-sharp cameras, large zoom range
Samsung Galaxy S smartphones are known for their advanced cameras. You can take sharp and colorful photos during the day and in low light. You can also record videos in 8K quality. With the telephoto lenses, you can zoom in up to 3 times while the photo stays sharp. With the Galaxy S Ultra versions of the S series, you can even zoom in up to 10 times without quality loss.

Battery and charging

S series: fast charging, wireless charging
In general, the batteries of the Galaxy S smartphones last the whole day. In addition, they support fast charging at 25W. This way, it only takes a bit more than 1 hour to charge. You can also charge smartphone from the Samsung S series wirelessly. With wireless charging at 15W, this takes about 2 hours. The charger isn’t included in the box, so you have to order it separately.

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